Thursday, February 10, 2011


I've just recently discovered this thing called meditation. This activity/practice seeks to put your senses to alpha state, where it can rejuvenate and release negativities and impurities in your  mind and  soul. Part of meditation as I've discovered, is listening to zen music - but not just ordinary zen music, but incorporating a trivial technology called binaural. 

Not all folks can handle this craziness. To some, it's impractical and just a waste of time. 

I agree to some areas though and I'm still a bit skeptical. Not fully embracing it, but convinced on the early results I am getting. 

This part of me is really an evidence of my boredom in life which I think have influenced me to recourse my normal thinking to something like this. Unproductive, yes.  I'm not sure where it will lead me, but small and minute changes have resurfaced that can somewhat enlighten the skepticism within me. 

Laugh at me if you want to. But I'm starting to feel more positive and joyful these days. If it makes me go back to the right frame of mind and spirit - I don't mind listening to the chirping of birds and the flowing river in the forest, which zen music is all about. 

It made me connect to myself allowing me to comprehend the desires of my heart. It gave me peace and serenity which augmented my faith in Him.  It is what is, and this is what currently floats my boat. 

I'm crazy and I know that you know too, to each his own, my friend. :)


  1. It actually works for me too. Helps lift me from my lingering depression

  2. does listening to enigma counts?
    seryoso. sample naman ng music si leo. :)

  3. @doc ced - pwede! try mo rin sa youtube ung celtic music... parang gregorian chant. :)

  4. taray naman,, meditation..
    i will not laugh at you leo, it may be just a phase in your life or thus, be a part of your life where you found something pleasurable (toinkz! tama ba ang term??) or you found solace within your own reach.. hehehe

    wv: hydanema
    (anu ba yun??)

  5. like the pic.

    parang eksena sa Godzilla na lalabas sya from the ocean.

    ay, wala na naman akong sense. hahaha!

  6. sabi nga kahit minsan naman daw ay maging unproductive ka sa buhay mo. doon ka makakapagrefresh at restart. :)

  7. Magyoga ka na din, Leo... super effective nyang stress reliever =p Does meditation really work? Kelangan ko din ata yan!

  8. @ceiboh - hahaha! get na gets ko sis. may point ka... love it. :)

    @ms.chuni - hahaha! konek na konek sa post ko ang comment mo... kif it up! :)

    @kyle - couldn't agree more! :)

    @joey - i've been doing it for days pa lang... medyo ok naman sa pakiramdam. ill try yoga soon... :)

  9. hmm ako naman if i read the bible... yun yung meditaion ko... :)

  10. hindi ko pa natry magmeditate hehehe

  11. we had this meditation activities during my college days and i could definitely atest that it creates wonders to one's thoughts and disposition... i believe that everyone is not expected to understand everyone but as you have said, to each to his own...

  12. Alam mo friend, kaya tayo magkasundo kase pareho tayo ng trip eh. Hehehe. I also like listening to zen music, or in the mainstream, they call it ambient sounds.

    Narerelax din ako sa sound ng sea, ng birds, ng crickets. Saya saya!

  13. belated happy vday sa inyo ni nims, leo.

  14. si nimmy kumuha nyan pic mo?gagayahin ko yang shot na yan LOL!


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