Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Out of the Country Experience

Indeed, my first out of the country experience was really memorable. Last January 28-31, I was  out of the Philippine territories with Nimmy and some friends. Off we went to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia. As I researched this foreign place, I can't help but feel fascinated with their beaches and some attractions. Really enticing. 

To start off, this trip was booked several months ago but we really did not plan our itineraries. I just did some notes in my planner and packed our clothes as if we're just going home to Bulacan/Caloocan. 

I want to feel comfy as possible during travel so I decided to just wear shorts, sneakers and shirt in the airport.

Majority of our activity consisted of beach bumming, island hopping, shopping, eating and snorkeling. 

I really did not know what this sign say, but when I translated it in Google translator, it says something like, "Take care of your park..."

Sunday market was fun although tiring. 

Chinese food is the best! Something Malaysian though is Cili Padi - a special chili sauce with vinegar, ginger and sugar.  It's a common condiment there, but not a common appetizer. So yummy. 

Sapi island, where snorkeling includes the experience of being bitten by dark colored fishes. Very territorial fishes....

An hour before our departure, with an outfit inspired by Bruno Mars. Just kidding...

And because of unexpected circumstances, our flight got delayed for about 4 hours. See how affected we are. 

But seeing K Brosas in Kota Kinabalu International Airport and having a picture with her is the best moment to end my first out of the country trip. 

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!


  1. weeee anong next stop nyo ni nimmy?hahaha

  2. Wow! Travelling couple ang labas nyo nyan. :D

  3. @kyle - mag-iipon kami for busan, south korea!!! yeeebaaaah. :)

    @will - why not chocnut. hahaha. :)

  4. wow! another first. at talagang itinago ang abs under the water ha hehe. alam ko namang you only have eyes for nimmy, pero marami bang gwapo? para naman ma-entice kaming pumunta haha.

  5. magenjoy kayo boss.. wahehhe....

  6. weeee and ng sarap magtravel2 :D

  7. Malay mo, Malay ko, Malay nating lahat...

    MALAYSIA! Hahaha

    Tarush niyo naman! Travel travel ala Dora hihi.

    K Brosas! I love that gurl. :)

  8. yahooooo, enjoy ba papa leo? halata naman.
    wapak na wapak- k brosas.

  9. bruno mars nga!!! hahaha

    inggit ako ang ganda naman jan!

  10. yun oh mukhang enjoy na enjoy kayo ni buds heheeh :D

  11. hongsaya naman nung mga pics then natawa ako sa mga reactions niyo nung na-delayed ang flight.. hehehe.. pero wapak na ikaw kasi may pciture ka with K.. hahaha

  12. Hi Leo, I am glad you and Nimmy had a memorable trip. You won't forget this, I think =)


  13. Super happy for you!! :) 1st out of the country trip and si Nimmy pa kasama mo! What more can you ask for dba? Kabog to the nth level! I hope I can join you guys in your future travels! Mwahhhh!

    Happy CNY to you too :)

  14. nakakainggit! enjoy pare! maganda ba sa personal si K? hehehe

  15. @sean - korek idol, super treasured experience to na di ko makakalimutan, ever. maraming gwapo na foreigner... pero kung local, wititit na teh. cute ung mga chinito galore. gaganda ng katawan. naglaway kmi ni nimmy. hehe

    @kikomaxxx - super nag-enjoy kami ni nimmy. lalo na ako, first international flight... so happy.

    @TR Aurelius - korak, sarap magtravel galore. si nimmy nagturo sa akin maglakwatsa na eroplano ang sasakyan. :)

    @Ronnie - hahaha. dahil jan: "27, 28, 29, Turkey!!!" i love k brosas. :)

    @spiral prince - thanks po... nakakataba ng puso. :)

    @desperate houseboy - truelili. ang sarap sa beach. balak ko tuloy bumili ng isla. charot.

    @mac callister - hahaha. bruno mars kuno. ang totoo, i'm having a bad hair day ng time na yan.

    @axl - naman! enjoy talaga, as in. promise

    @ceiboh - kalurky ang 4 hours sa airport. amak na amak na kami kaya umuwi. :)

    @kane - thanks kane... i hope it wouldn't be the last international flight i'll have.

    @K - correctional!!! si nimmy pa talaga kasama ko, kaya ang saya saya ko. join ka sa amin khacai!!! baka mag-south korea kami sa 4th quarter, mag-ipon na tayo, at lalafuz tayo ng kimchidora!!!

    @moks - oo nga pare, enjoy talaga. at oo, maganda si k sa personal, pero nung time na yun, mukhang haggard siya eh, wala atang tulog, pero ang bait bait niya, nakipagchikahan siya sa amin ng konti. :)

  16. Galing!Atleast got great time together. Awesome!

  17. naku,, okay lang na mag-antay bsta sure na aalis kayo.. kami nun, kahit local flight, last na binigyan ng boarding pass kasi walang ID yung friend namin, e dahilan namin, from manila nga nakalusot e bakit hindi kami papauwiin.. hehehe...

  18. nakbalik na ba kayo ingat po inggit ang sarpmagtravel pag may kapartner hehehe


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