Friday, November 4, 2011

When Kids are Not Kids (literally)

Our household is composed of the usual cast; the Mother, the Father, Sister and Brother. I’m the eldest and I’ve seen my sister and brother become adults right before my very eyes. When I was still young, they were babies. Unlike most of the elder siblings, I don’t get jealous by my parent’s ardent attention with the juvenile rowdy broods. I got a life of my own and I only need minute guidance from mama and papa. When I was a kid, I got high expectations upon myself and I felt the need to inspire the kids to study well like me. I thought I got 50% success rate in that goal, having my sister graduate BS Nursing and my younger brother, still a work in progress. He’s out from college pursuing rock music.

Growing up, I was used to having kids running around the house. I used to seeing crayon marks in the wall, toys all around the living room and candy wrappers hidden under the sofa. Apart from the usual riot I see almost every day, my parent’s voice lingers in every corner of the house. On those very moments, you can see me inside my room, studying. Or doing my favorite monologues or singing.

My parents now are nearly approaching their 60’s. The average age of the household now is sitting at 37.8. In other words, we’re getting old and the usual noise you hear at home is now replaced with the noise of TV, radio, dogs barking and neighbor’s children playing outside the street.  

Only until recently that we got to be friendlier to our pets. In comparison to the previous years, we’re generally friendly to our house pets but not to the point of allowing them inside the living room. They can just go as far as our dirty kitchen. They have their own abode in our garage or backyard.

Things have changed and we now miss having kids around. However, we can’t have the option of having another kid, for obvious reasons that Nimmy and I can’t produce our own. Adoption is not also an option. Raising a kid for us means we have to be very stable in all aspect. We’re working on it. My sister doesn’t have a boyfriend and I influenced sister enough with the need to establish a good life for her future kids. Brother has a girlfriend, but he’s well aware of the repercussion of having his own family. He’s definitely not ready for it.

So to satisfy our craving, we have established some special bonds with our pets. They can now enter the living room, play around the carpet - which by the way, have been exposed to our dog’s furry coat. It’s a struggle to clean. Cats can now wander around our rooms. Cats and dogs have been playmates and our spring door, their most favorite playground equipment. 

By the way, if you consider fighting cocks as pets, we have around 17 cocks- 12 found in our farm, 5 are in our backyard, tendered by my dad.  Whether they like it or not though, they can just stay where they are. 

I'd like to introduce our cute and lovable house pets. Apologies for the pictures, it's hard taking them when they are in constant playful motion and if you're just using a cellphone cam. Also, they have last names too, courtesy of my very prolific sister. Enjoy! 

Yuki Manashue, our 2 years old Canaan white breed dog. His tricks include high five and  puppy eyes.
Jamal Yaislamiya, 3 years old dwarf askal. He's the Mara in Mara Clara.

Cerberus Xrus, 3 years old dwarf askal, the Clara in Mara Clara. He's got special talent; licking walls and doors.
Lucio Cubangay, son of the famous blogger Nimmychan, chilling out in our car Nikki. 
Father and son, Nimmy and Lucio. This is also my current phone wall paper. So cute, I wanna  squeeze them. 
Odie Wankinobeh, 5 years old tri-colored queen resting in Nimmy's thigh. 


  1. - d na natuloy. nabili sila ng mas mahal eh.

  2. Ang daming pets! Buti hindi nag-aaway yung dogs at cats?

  3. @Mugen - dogs versus dogs ang fight. never with cats. they co-exist peacefully. :)

  4. Parang sa bahay lang ok lang kay Mama na mag stay mga pets namin inside the house.
    We do have two dogs and a cat!
    Parang hindi na nga pets ang turing namin sa kanila kasi kahit di sila nakakapagsalita alam mo na naiintindihan ka nila!

  5. @Si Inong ay ako - that's true. ganyan din sa bahay ngayon. :)

  6. mga aso namen sa bahay eh parang mga bata na rin, kinakausap namen lagi ng mama ko, hehe, sumasagot din naman sila, haha


  7. Luigi and I can relate to this. Di pwede magkaanak kaya may pets. Haha!

  8. @T.R. Aurelius - hehe, that's nice. :)sana nga nakakapagsalita sila.

    @Super Mario P - i think that's cool! :) practicing parenting with pets.

  9. ang cute naman if they co-exist peacefully. ang cute ng dogs! medyo ayaw ko ng pussies (sorry kay nims).

  10. @Sean - they're the cutest! :) madalas mag-away si Cerberus and Jamal. but the cats and dogs never fight. :)

  11. We grow up with the same family..i family is a pet lover for now we have two big dogs and can't remember what type of dogs thy are...hahaha...

    They really love my mom, ng last visit ko gusto ko matulog sa tabi ni mama and the two dogs protested...grh! pag ka gising ko nasa gilid na ako yong dalawang malaking aso na ang katabi nya...hahaha:)

    they are really adorable and truly a man's best friend:)..soon I'll have one:)

  12. @Sunny Toast - that's good to know dear. :) having a pet has so many benefits to humankind. God bless!

  13. Ang cute ng mga alaga niyo pusa at aso hehe.

    Visiting again :)

  14. @PluripotentNurse - thanks for visiting! Honga, they're cute, and they're so makulit din. Haha


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