Sunday, November 6, 2011


In my own humble ways, when contemplation is not enough for me in trying to digest behavior of people, I try to seek in understanding the culture that is weaving the contemporary society and how it is evolving. I'm a far-cry from any expert or a sociologist. However, my perspicacity enlightened me that it's really not about the powerful people.  It's not about who's weak or oppressed. Not too close in its disparity. But greatly inclined in the way how people live. And this is how I start to analyze my own. 

I'm vulnerable as a victim to any infringement. I live inside a society where laws and statutes are prolific in words, but doesn't hold much dignity and conviction.  This holds a strong foresight to a challenged and shaken justice milieu. I am not alone in the desire to better lives and affluence or anything similar to that nature. Yet right before my eyes, carnage pounces on every corner to either bring food on the table, or fund further atrocities. 

I am PRO Life and deems the rights appended to any human being. 

But I am not alone in this society. What kind of strength should everyone bear to whittle down the termites splurging in and out? When things get into your senses, you feel for those that have crumbled. I feel like just being helpless like those that have suffered. 

And when it seems I get cornered by believing that we live in an irreparable society, the only way I know I can afford for a bail out is clasping both my hands and implore God to deliver a transformation and bestow upon us peace - not just for myself, but for the people who needs it whether they know it or not. 


  1. dugong dugo naman ilong ko post mo na itetch mare!!!!

    Amen nalang!


  2. @Mac Callister - quits lang tayo mars. kasi nung kino-compose ko to, daig ko pa ang kinakaltukan sa ribs. ang hirap kaya mag-english englishan chorlat!


  3. "I am not alone in the desire to better lives and affluence or anything similar to that nature"-- you are not ALONE! :)

    Keep safe. Have a bless Sunday

  4. 'I live inside a society where laws and statutes are prolific in words, but doesn't hold much dignity and conviction.'

    Amen to that! Pro-Life din ako :)

  5. @Si Inong ay ako - have a blessed Sunday too! :)

    @Nowitzki Tramonto - mabuhay ang mga pro-life and pro-peace. :)

  6. And this I believe, too if I may conclude what you're saying, prayers should be outward from us. That even in the simplicity of it, we are actually fulfilling the task of taking good care of each other as human.

  7. @Desole Boy - and your comment added more meaning to my post. :)

    you're simply awesome! :)

  8. napapa wow ako kasi ikaw ang nagsulat.Napakagaling!

  9. Idol ka talaga.

    To add, when one is able to hold the light against the looming darkness, sooner or later, another light flickers in the horizon.

    Like hate, cruelty, anger and wrongful judgement, kindness, compassion and tolerance are infectious.

  10. hahaha dugo ilong ko.. have a blessed sunday :)

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  12. @Diamond R - the feeling is mutual! napapa-wow din ako sa mga sinusulat mo at shini-share sa blog mo. :)

    @Mugen - the feeling is mutual din! idol din kaya kita. and what you just commented is really the essence of sticking to optimism and hope that it'll instigate a domino effect in a timely fashion.

    fist bump! :) hehe

    @kikomaxxx - ok lang yan, dumugo rin ang natitirang jutak kez. lol

  13. very nice post and i agree with every word you said.

    there are times when i also think of ways to help out even in the simplest act i can manage but there are times when i think that i can't do it alone so like what you said at the last part of this post, i pray to God and ask for help.


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