Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On Getting Fit

2.5 lbs

I admit it.

I’ve procrastinated in my aspiration of achieving wellness. If I remember it right, a month before leaving our apartment in Pasig, I make it a point to jog in the nearby mall’s massive parking space almost e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y. My goal was to compensate on my hobby of stuffing my face with food. Because that time, living with your partner is to be surrounded by food and other gastronomic pleasures. Blame it on appetite and Nimmy’s generous dad because every week, we don’t spend too much for food anymore, because our ref is a refuge for plethora of carbs and sweets and other dishes which propels you to eat and eat some more.

Now I’m back to my parent’s house, I get to experience a whole lot of difference from my usual lifestyle. I have more reasons to get fit. 

As I zero-in the grounds to have a healthy life back, I thought that I just turned 31 and my body requires more nutrients and vitamins to be able to sustain vitality and strength. 

What’s more important is my aspiration to live longer so I can achieve whatever it is that I am dreaming of. Wellness is of paramount nowadays, because of the stress each person can get because of work and the unhealthy habit of the populace.

So only last week, before the long-weekend, I committed myself to exercise, healthy diet and meditation. Just today, I’m feeling the early benefits of it.
Caloocan-Bulacan boundary, my new running road
It’s true that when you exercise, you feel happy. It’s true that despite the feeling of soreness in your thighs, biceps and back, you feel that there are changes happening in your body.  You can’t help but anticipate for more positive changes. Only recently, I found myself addicted to coffee because when I halted the habit just even for a day, I get headaches. Meditation cures just that. Deep breathes, finding my center and ability to control thoughts are proven powerful cures for my anxieties. Honestly, I can say that I can think more clearly now compared to few months back. I can now rekindle my being and I’m happy to say that it has greatly benefited not only me but the people surrounding me.

To affirm my goal of wellness, I am committing myself to the following; 
  • Balanced diet
  • Running
  • Light weights
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Love
Approximately 3 kilometers from turf, middle of the road, alone and doing brisk-walk


  1. Wow.. I used to jog early in the morning rin.. May-June yata. Then rainy season came.. eh di nawala na. Tinamad na.. Malamig kung umaga eh, ang sarap matulog. hihi..

    Oo na, ako na ang tamad. lol.

    This is great, Leo. parang na-inspire ako magjog ulet. LD

  2. yessss!inner peace!hehehe

    sana ako din sipagin mag jog tagal ko ng gusto gawin!kaso ang jinet dito sa doha!hahaha

  3. @Leah - kainis nga kanina eh, kasi umulan, hindi ako nakatakbo. but it's fun. ayoko na magtamad-tamaran this time.

    takbo na sis! :)

  4. The best ito. kung nagpapakahirap tayong gawin ang maraming bagay bakit ang tungkol sa kalusugan mahirap gawin.

  5. @mac callister - go! takbo na, 5 minutes lang na pagtakbo sa disyerto, im sure, ubos ang baby fats! :) hehe

  6. @Diamond R - alam mo, may point ka. people most of the time ignore health.


  7. @leo: NAMAN!!! parang first honor lang.. lolz! hahaha! :P parang early bird din.. :P

  8. @Nate - parang premiere night din! tsaka president, maiden issue at higit sa lahat, #1 sa billboard charts! haha.

    those adik moments, you know. lol

  9. "I’ve procrastinated in my aspiration of achieving wellness." - Ako din! Many many times! I'll start next month, I promise. Haha

  10. Good luck with your commitment to achieving goal of wellness! I need to do the same.

  11. @charles. - haha, december might not be the good month. yan ang panahon ng masasarap na pagkain. good luck to us! :)

    @Super Mario P. - Thanks Mario! Let's all go for wellness.

    @shenanigans - go! :)

  12. Good job eto Pareng Leo! Apir! :) Sa dami ng mga sakit na umuusbong sa paligid, kelangan na talagang mas maging committed tayo sa pagkain ng tama at pag-eexercise. :D

  13. Goodluck! hay maka pag jog na

  14. @Drama King - tama pare!

    @Sunny Toast - hahaha, masisira ung spring ng kama mo kapag dun ka nag-jog. :) choz

  15. So Leo, napaka Oprahish naman ng entry mo. Parang light, love, peace! Hugs to everyone!!

    So if you do find what you're looking for, let me know?

  16. hahah hinay2 lang leo... napasobrahan ka na o...

  17. @Kane - uy, hindi naman, ang layo kay Oprah. :) I'm not really looking for something, but I'm aspiring for a better tomorrow. choz.

    @Kikomaxxx - unga, maga na biceps ko.

  18. naks very good! hehe kaw na! :)

  19. i love working out too, i got addicted since i started losing weight hehehe

  20. @TR Aurelius - thanks! :)

    @imsonotconio - good for you! :)

  21. Sasali ako dito. antagal tagal na ng problemang weight and health ko, kaya go go go ako with you.

    Maraming effort sa balanced diet, running at meditation.

  22. nainspire ako sa post n to na wag itigil ang pageexercise ..

    thnks man !


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