Monday, April 11, 2011

Tonight I Give In (Warning: Cheesy Overload)

It's our 59th monthsary! Another month, we'll be 5 years. Well, we haven't talked about how to celebrate it yet, but for sure, it'll be one special day. In the blogger tradition of listing down top things about themselves, allow me to list down my top 10 things about US: 

10.  We both snore. Alright, I know I wrote about Nimmy snoring while sleeping, but ladies and gentlemen, let me divulge the fact that I too, snore. We wouldn't know if we do it in synchrony, but we exchange comments about this when we wake up. 

9.  We're the officemate lovers. We both worked in the same company twice. I can't think of any disadvantage about it. Every time we eat together during lunch, it's like a date.  If I'm stressed with my boss, he's always there to listen to me. If he's stressed, I'm there for him too. 

8. We're the Yin and Yang. We both have differences that complements each other. He's not into organizing things, I'm the O.C. He's the listener, I'm the talker. He's the frugal, I splurge. He's the rich, well, I'm rich too. LOL

7. We duet.  I remember talking about this just today with Doc Ced and Desoleboy. Nimmy and I would sing and he would do 2nd voice for me, without him knowing. LOL. So cute. 

6. We challenge each other. Me, being the oldest is still amazed with Nimmy's achievement. This in fact makes me strive more to better myself. He's so supportive. It helps too that we don't complicate things along the way. 

5. Badminton freaks. I introduced this sports to Nimmy and he embraced this wholeheartedly. Nimmy doesn't know that he has the acumen for this sport. I played this for years, and he picked up on it in just few months.  He would occasionally win sets against yours truly. 

4. Romantic cubs. Saying "I love you too" is not our thing. We respond with I love you if anyone of us says I love you.  It needs to be complete, correct spelling and heartfelt when said or texted. We don't get used to saying it.  To add, we love to cuddle and kiss. 

3.  Dreaming is everything. Nimmy and I dream together for our future. We dream big. Whatever plans we have in life, we share it together. We're the life-partners, soul-mates. We pray together for guidance and we have big faith in HIM.

2.  Travel. We're each other's companion. We love long trips, commuting or driving. We love new places and nature. It has a lot to do with Nimmy being a photographer. I love his pictures and he would always want me to critic on his work. 

1. Foodies. We love to eat. Need I say more? :)

Five years ago, I've never imagined having Nimmy in my life. After failed relationships I've gone through, I could have just wallowed into thinking that lovelife was never my cup of tea. It was hard and doubting was just the easy way out. If there's one thing I knew which I would like to give as an advice for everyone, that's taking the risk for love.  If I haven't pursued my Nimmy, this could have been a totally different story.  I couldn't imagine having a life without him. 

One month to go and we'll be on a state we're most people think about it as a milestone. We're really  blessed to have found each other.  Thank you Lord. 

I leave this song to you guys, whether you're in love or not, in a relationship, single, it's complicated, married or what have you.  Whatever your case may be,  may you find happiness in your heart, and give in to falling in love. Trust that it's all gonna be worth it. 



    hindi ako makahinga...

    nalulunod ako sa kacheesihan XD

    congrats! :D

  2. Sir Leo, hindi ako magsasawa sa kakasabi ng congratulations sa inyong dalawa. You guys are the epitome of a great relationship and we could only wish you for greater things to come!

    All the best to the two of you! Masaya kaming lahat para sa inyo!

  3. hayyy i was teary eyed and smiling while reading this...

    kapag nababadrtip na ko sa lablayp ko, basa lang ako ng blog nyo dalawa and ma a-uplift na mood ko and maiisip ko, bakit sina nimmy and leo matagal na sila together...e di kaya ko din un ganun....

    wag kayo mag hihiwalay ha...kundi ako una malulungkot hehe.


    P.S mas maganda ang anniv post mo kesa sa ginawa ni nimesia!LOL *peace nimmy* hahaha

  4. ...and i can imagine Basil Valdez singing "Hanggang sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan...".

    sweet :)

  5. @exanthiel - hehe. i told ya, cheesy overload. :)

    @louie - wow, thanks a lot louie. love din namin kayo. i think part of our relationship is sharing stories of us to inspire a lot of people. yung mga comments na kagaya ng sa yo ang validation that we're doing just right. let's all love one another! :)

    @mac - true! kung kaya namin ni nimesia, kayo mo rin noh! love shouldn't be a hard work for people who truly love each other. and knock knock on the wood, ayoko maghiwalay kami. baka makrung-krung ako. choz!

  6. @ms.chuni - di ko alam yang song na yan. hahaha.

  7. sweet. i already commented on nimmy's post. yihiiii!

    i can't wait for the duet. hehe

  8. @mscq - yeah, saw it. :) we appreciate it much doc! :)

  9. A long time ago, a very wise blogger / friend told me that

    "Love is the only gamble worth taking. The potential losses may be staggering. But ahhhh - the prize. The prize..."

    It looks like this time, the gamble paid off Leo. =)


  10. @kane- so true. When you know the risk you're taking and the thin chances you get, it's not enough to just let it pass without fighting... Better to be, than cry over regret...;)

  11. hAPPY Happy!! uber happy for both of you.. this is the first time i came across a couple so sweet and so cuddling to each other..

    Nothing more to say but a happy and bonggaciuos years to come for both of you!!

  12. @ceiboh - thanks sis! lately, i've been missing your tweets. busy ka masyado. :)

  13. @carrie - thanks so much! :)see you soon.

  14. continue to be happy leo! :)

  15. @ ram - hello ram!

    @ mr.chan- will sure do. thanks a lot! :)

  16. sa tagal nyo na still consistent kayo sa pagiging sweet sa isat-isa which is very rare. i mean hindi "intro-voys" na sa simula then kapag dumaan na ay parang lantang gulay na natutuyo.LOL

    congratulations sa inyong dalawa. more years to come!!! :D

  17. @kyle- natawa ako sa intro-voys. hehe. thanks so much! hindi lang kami sa blog sweet, pati sa totoong buhay. :)

  18. If you equate genuine love to cheesiness, then this immeasurably cheesy. :) Stay happy together :)


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