Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Blessing Called Friendship

I heard once an old adage, "Friends are there for you when they'd rather be anywhere else. " The measure of a true friend is in times of need. When for the moment you need a helping hand, they choose to be that "hand" instead of them doing a rather important thing in their lives. Selfless individuals, these are the people  that we want to keep in our lives.

I thought of writing down the group of friends I currently have in my life. Here's what I came up with: 

1.  Childhood Friends - unfortunately, these are the rarest these days. When I go home in our family's place, I would see one or two of them in the old neighborhood. Most of them have their own families and kids.  Our talks usually revolves around how their kids are. There are some I still see, but too shy to start of a conversation.  Back then I remember, we're a group of kids idolizing Bioman. Funny how they assign me as Peebo, and the five of them as the color coded stars. I was the youngest that time and the most competitive. I still would like to rekindle the friendship I have with them. I hope it's not too late. 

2.  Grade School Friends - Again, one of the rarest friends I have. In fact, I can call them the Facebook/Friendster friends. You only get to see them now in social networking sites.  Some friends are also moved over into becoming High School friends. Grade School friends are of course, childhood friends too. Like some of the childhood friends I have, we have less chances of seeing each other. Most of them are abroad and on different places. It's nice talking to them about their current statuses, their own family and their occupations. 

3. High School Friends - These set of friends are my favorite. These are the folks that know me even with the slightest look in my eyes.  We talk endlessly about stuff and we surely know how to keep our confidence level up. These are the friends that no matter what happens to you, they are still there to cheer you up and to tell you honestly what they think about you. They are my best critic, my biggest supporters. It's always a great laugh with them. Of course, we talk about their kids and how indebted am I especially during Christmas season knowing that I am the godfather of their sons and daughters. 

4. College Friends - I have few close friends in college and these are the folks that have stirred my propensity to be serious with my career. We're the debate team, the badminton varsity and the folks who frequent libraries and government agencies.  They are the best allies. 

5. Workplace Friends - I call them my support/mentoring group. They are the ones who are not afraid to provide feedback and motivation. These are the bosses I had who became close friends. These are the peers that stimulates your thinking and challenges your decision, not for anything else, but to help you grow in the professional milieu. 

6. Neighbors

7.  Pets - I consider them friends too. Our family have three dogs and three cats. All of which I love, they are source of happiness and inspiration too. 

8. Soulmates - these are the folks at home, my family. These are the people who provide unconditional love. These are the relatives that are there for you in times of triumph and success, and times of challenges and sacrifices.  These is your one true love, your anchor, your  meaning. For me, this is my Nimmy. 

Of the blessings the Lord has given me, I think friends are one of the most precious ones I have. These are the people that makes my life colorful and exciting. I can't imagine a life without these relationship with friends. 

Indeed, blessed are we to find them. So may I ask, how thankful are you for friends?


  1. i like my high school friends,,,till now i consider them as my best friends

  2. i only had real friend now during college...


  3. i super like my high school friends.. and i so like RS also as a great friend more than my partner.. hihihi

  4. @japaneseadobo - that's awesome. :)

    @TR Aurelius - hope you can find more real friends. :)

    @ceiboh - ditto! :)

  5. konti lang friends ko. ung masasabi kong totoo. pero super daming so-called-friends. oh well, nature ng job. anyway, masaya ako sa mga real friends ko. kahit hindi kami magkakasama at madalang magkita, pag nagkaroon ng time naman, aba, parang wala nang bukas. :)

  6. ^jayps, didn't you say that you were "one of [my] many friends"? lol.

    it was never hard for me to open up to anyone. so yeah, mejo madami nga akong friends. but i'm a bit of a loner so i don't have "real friends" as defined by most people.

    agree ako sa description mo sa high school friends. pag nagrereunion kami, parang hindi taon ang lumipas mula nung huling nagkita.

  7. @chefjayps - saya ng walang katapusang usapan! :)

    @nishiboy - ironic that you seem to have a lot of friends, but you keep a loner status. siguro tahimik ka lang na tao. and i agree with you, parang hindi taon ang lumipas kapag nagkakasama sama ang mga highschool chums.

  8. Diverging from the usual preference, I treasure my college friends the most. My life started when I entered college, as I always say. :)

  9. only got numbers 2, 3, 4 and 8..

    pareho tayo, high school friends for me are still my best friends so far.

    may mga friends din naman ako na nakilala ko from random places.. i wonder how you wold label them.

  10. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiik kita mo yung last.. hahaha... hanep ang sweet...

  11. @ryan - wow... late bloomer? lol

    @greenbreaker - that's great to know. :) i think those friends you meet from random places are to be labeled as "friends from random places" hahaha. sorry.walang maisip

    @kikomaxxx - thanks thanks! :)

  12. new here ..bumista at nagfollow

    good morning~!

  13. @jay rulez - thanks for following! happy evening to you bro. :)


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