Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Much Needed Clarity Walk

"Friend, when are we meeting up?"

"I'm free today, let's meet! You have work today?" I asked.  "Yeah, after my shift or later during my break?" 

"Let's go for after the shift!" I replied enthusiastically. 

Joanne was my previous officemate. Pioneer managers of our program, we didn't hit off as instant buddies. She has her own LOB (line of business), mine was different from the usual Voice process of the BPO. However, we both occupy an elevated pedestal, overlooking the Operations floor on our front while overlooking the pristine beauty of Mckinley, the Fort at our back. We both didn't like the instant fame our seating arrangement has given us, but being on each other side, we get to know each other more. Few short conversations turned out to be serious talks about our work, our relationships and other craziness. 

I decided to meet her tonight although there were some reluctance on my part. I don't like driving in C5, and I was afraid that I may not contain myself in front of her. Not that I have huge issues in my life, but recently, I was on a turmoil despite the happy facade people see in my Twitter and FB. My ever loving husband had convinced me easily and reminded me, that it was me who needed help and some sort of advice. 

Of all my friends, Joanne is someone I consider as mentor. As peers, I look up to her for her indomitable experiences.  She never sugar coat, obvious straightforward, but knows how to cure the heart and the spirit. 

Back then, when office is steaming hot with pressure from deliverables, we back-off by means of taking Clarity Walks. We plainly walk outside, buy something to drink like coffee, soda or water and just vent out. It helps clear our mind. It cleanses it of whatever pollution as it been contaminated. 

My friend Joanne is someone I know who's just like everyone may have been challenged by life and thrown out to different obstacles. She turned out to be a fighter and stayed to be optimistic in life. We both clicked on this aspect. Not that we rationalize things around us, but we both have the strong faith that whatever bad the comes along, it'll just surely disperse on its natural course of time. 

Joanne, thanks for the undying support and love for your dear friend, me. 

You showered me with true hope
Believed in me, when I doubted myself
Make me realize what's true
Uplift my spirit endlessly

It was great driving with you and conquering Ayala and Buendia. It was sweet to see MacYummie texting you while we drove and laughed at me beating the red light.  It was awesome seeing your condo and the majestic view from your balcony. Apart from that, thanks for the time and listening to my stories. 

See you soon! 

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  1. @midnight orgasm - indeed! :)

  2. so nakamit mo ba ng lubusan ang kaliwanagan ng iyong kaisipan sa iyong kinatagpo?

    ehehhe :P

  3. @soltero - she helped me sorted out things... kaya in a way,it was a breath of fresh air for me.tagal ko na iniinda 'to. oh well, im waiting for good things to unfold... linya ko na yan since November 2010. :)

  4. San ka nagwowork dati Leo?!

    It's always good to have a friend which can absorb all your smelly sweat. :)

  5. thats nice,meeting and having fun with an old friend :-)

  6. I like this entry. :)

    That's all. :D

  7. @mr.chan- IGPI in the fort, taguig. and i agree with your quote. you need support mechanism through few, reliable and trusted friends.

    @mac- true indeed! :)

    @carrie - i love your comment! that's all. hehe. :)

  8. Sweet naman ng friend! Saan galing yung poem na yun? Kanta ba yun?

  9. @will - gawa yan ng yours truly. :) thanks! :)


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