Friday, April 8, 2011

I Halt

I've been doing my usual routine of early morning jog for two months.  Albeit satisfied with the results, I suddenly began asking myself. What's my end goal? Then fill this question with cricket sounds.

So few days ago, I've decided to stop and manage my diet.  Here's what I had this week:

1. Fruit Soda 
2. Baconette Strips
3. 2 cups rice
4. a cup of hot Milo
5. Yakult
6. refrigerated cake
7. sylvanas
8. bananas
9. ube bread
10. diced hopia
11. viands: adobo, beans sprouts, sitaw
12. tomatoes
13. siopao

These are the things I stuffed my tummy in no particular order. Looking back to the previous week - here's what I remember eating:

1. camote
2. 1 cup rice
3. viand: beans sprout
4. water
5. Fitnesse Cereal

No need to mention the difference. But I realized that after all the deprivation and the hard work I did, I don't think it's worth it. I remember writing about being healthy and stuff. Sad to say, I contradict most of the stuff I've written there. Apart from the contradiction laying in front of my eyes, I think there's this sore truth that no matter how hard you try to exercise and diet, your end result is tied up with making yourself look good in the eyes of  many. Well, it may be of different case to others. 

I'd like to embrace the life of not being worried with things. 

Because I want to.
I need to.
And it's the right thing to do. 


  1. whoho sarap yung sylvanas.. naalala ko tuloy every lunch namin sa isang suking mini fastfood chain malapit sa school laging may sylvanas... :))

  2. go for the being healthy Leo!!!


  3. tama yang yakult, para laging okay ang tiyan. :D

  4. Leo,

    Hindi naman kasi hardwork dapat ang tawag sa diet eh. Usually, iyan ang thinking kaya pansin mo, halos lahat ng nagdi-diet eh masusungit? Hindi naman sinabing you should stop eating your favorites - In moderation lang talaga. Mayroon ding cheat day. Saka it's not all about looking good, it's not about the muscles, syempre that also includes a healthy body.

    Ako nga, I eat everything. I have a very big appetite pero I know how to burn. Nasa tao lang 'yan. And looking at your photos, I think you are definitely looking good. Ituloy mo lang ang healthy living.

  5. at nainggit ako sa sylvanas hehe..

    i guess you need to lift weights too para ma tone down ang muscles..the more muscles you have the easier it is to burn fats sabi nga nila..

    buhatin mo na lang lagi si nimmy ahahhaa :P

  6. hahah ako naman eh mag-uumpisa ng magdidiet.. hehhe

  7. @ Si Inong ay ako - hehe. :)

    @ T.R.Aurelius - ayaw ko na nga eh.

    @ Will - commercial? :)

    @ Anonymous - good point about dieters who seemed to be grumpy at all times. sorry, bored lang siguro ako. thanks for the motivation. ill keep that in mind. :)

    @ soltero - si nimmy lagi bumubuhat sa akin eh. pero di naman siya nagkakamuscle. hahaha. peace mahal.

    @ kikomaxx - i suggest you read what Anonymous said. start from there.

  8. :D
    wala akong maireact.
    napa smile nalang ako.

  9. @von - hehe, naimagine kita while saying that. :)

  10. diet ba talaga ang kailangan or build muscles?

  11. Magkapit kamay tayo! Haha! Ang hirap ng madaming extra pounds.

    Pero masarap pa ding kumain. Hihi! :)

  12. yun tamang katawan lang, eat right, not too much and not too is wealth!hehehe

  13. angas ng pickup.

    hirap mag control ng kinakain, pero disiplina nga lang yan at yun ang hindi ko kaya.

    piz out \m/

  14. @ Diamond R - both!
    @Louie - masarap talaga kumain. dun na ako sa masarap! haha
    @Mac-tamah here.


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