Thursday, November 17, 2011

Downbeat Thrown

Where's the cliff when you need it? When you need it more to fly than to exterminate yourself from the world? Questions like this haunts me at the same time bores me to pieces. It's like you just want to jump, take the plunge and enter a world of the different dimension. 

Gone are days of extreme paranoia. Gone are the days of obvious predilection to pain. Now is the day to soar. Now is to clasp both hands and in between is just a thin air. You stare at yourself in a reflection, and you see someone with a resemblance to your hope. 

Where's the cliff when you need it? To throw away the compost of your past. To see how gravity pulls the scum of your world. I see my own smile. The tears of insurmountable longing for power. It's the day of triumph. The day of the endless. The day when it haunts and bores, the day when you enter the dimension. 

Leather gloves clenching the heart of the pessimist. 

Where's the cliff when you need it? 


  1. I once did this: if the state of flux goes on beyond the holidays, I will spend my time dwelling on Sims 2, making stories, making my characters accomplish things I can't do in real life, until such time my life gets a turnaround and I get my old routines back.

    Kaya mo yan Leo. :)

  2. let it be.Soar like an eagle God is with you.

  3. @Mugen - thank you Mugen. :) guess im just tired anticipating for the turn around.

    @Nate - 'di naman. :)

    @Diamond R - i will Diamond R. I will... :)

  4. ang lalim. buti naintindihan ko. galing magsulat ! approve! :)

  5. may problema ka ba leomesia?english ka ng english ng todo lately a!:LOL

  6. @Mac - hahaha. sort of! :) yaan mo magtatagalog naman ako sa next post ko!


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