Friday, August 5, 2011


We just love to eat. That's why last Friday, Nimmy and I tried this Chinese resto in Greenbelt 5. Nothing fancy to talk about, but we just love their fried rice and their beef broccoli, to die for. 

Let me warn you though, this entry has nothing to do with food. 

I just remembered four short years ago, I had a very memorable experience. I was on my way to Makati to do some errands. I rode an air-conditioned bus going to Ayala. Just right in the corner of Timog-Edsa, I felt something terrible. A gush of cool air became so poignant, yet I'm perspiring. Sweat started becoming conspicuous on my forehead. I felt very uncomfortable. I felt an armageddon inside my tummy. 

I decided to put an end to this and the only way to do it is an exodus to the nearest throne - a comfort station. 

I took off in front of bus stop in Farmer's Cubao. Rushed my way to Mercury Drug's convenient store and bought wet wipes. It was an excruciating moment and the cashier is very uncooperative. Her lethargic strokes in accepting my payment and all the shebangs deserves a flying kick right pass her neck. It was the logical thing to do that moment. 

I rushed towards men's room in the second floor and with all the might I muster, released the biggest nemesis in that very predicament. 

So I thought it was over. 

Right after fixing all the stuff I need to, I headed home. I was walking Makati Avenue when suddenly, the mayor texted (gay idiom for LBM). Ugh. It was a trying moment indeed. I saw Mcdonald's corner Makati Avenue corner Jupiter. For apparent reason, it's going to be a target place for yours truly. 

Two guys were in. One inside the cubicle and the other one in the urinal. The guy in the urinal then went outside and the guy in the cubicle went to the lavatory. Just when I was about to enter the cubicle, the guy (around 40-45 years old) stood in front of me, blocking the door and was insinuating for a carnal activity. 

I was shocked to death.

It's like a matter of clear and present danger. My only retort, "Bakla ka, umalis ka sa harapan ko, di ko na mapipigilan 'to." (You faggot, get lost, I can't control this anymore.) I unbuttoned my pants, dropped it knee-level, sat and finally there was an inaudible explosion. 

I was startled. This guy just doesn't want to give up. He knocked several times until I heard Koreans speaking. 

Thank God for Koreans. 

Before stepping out McDonalds, I bought lime soda to help ease out the crankiness of my stomach. I survived that day. 

Fast forward, just like I said, last Friday Nimmy and I went to eat in Mongkok. As we are about to head out, I felt it again. 

I was agitated and I felt this hair-raising thing again. 

As a veteran on this type of scenarios, I always have my wet-wipes in my bag. I'm happy their comfort stations are just near the resto. Few brisk-walks, I got to do what's needed. 

Then again, as I stepped outside, I saw two Europeans chatting in the lavatory. I just find it weird. Koreans then Europeans. 

What's next? Spare me please. 

So much for a soup entry. Take care people. 


  1. palagi rin ako tinatamaan niyan and i never fail to bring wet ones. ang kulet nung guy na kumakatok!

  2. "Bakla ka, umalis ka sa harapan ko, di ko na mapipigilan 'to." - parang totally out of character yata sa iyo ito. lols. sh*t happens. ahahaha

  3. hahaha... talagang expert sa ganyang bagay.. swerte mo lang at malilinis ang mga comfort station na napupuntahan mo.. good job.. wahahaha

    Koreans.. Europeans.. Scandinavians naman.. hahahhaa

  4. @Sean - haha! nice. :) wet ones are the coolest invention in this planet. :)

    @travis - i know right? oh well, i can be out of character in situation like this. lol

    @xander - true, dahil kung hindi, maloloka ako kung san ako magpapasabog! :)

  5. NOrwegians daw susunod... or ako. ahahaha.

  6. @Ron - sige, ikaw na lang para ma-experience mo ang aroma of love. hahaha! kadir-dir. :)

  7. Eeeeeehhh, nag-date! :) Sinama nyo dapat ako! Dapat instead na ung mga Europeans kayo nalang ni Nims ang gumawa ng carnal activity na yun. LOL! Hahahahhaha!

    Good to see you guys together. Ang pogi ni Nims ngaun ha! Boombastic :)

  8. @khacai - hahaha! third wheel ang peg? ganoin? haha. wala akong mahanap na video cam. ayheret.

    hey thanks for reading my blog, i appreciate it. hahaha.

  9. Naku buti ka pa. Ako hindi ko magawang tumutut sa public restrooms!

  10. @Will - hehe! ang hirap kaya magpigil. :)

  11. ano ba kainan un una eksena then hiniritan mo ng nakakatayong balahibong experience! hahaha

    teka ano reaksyon nun mga nasa labas ng cubicle pagakatapos mo magpasabog,did they give you the LOOK? hahhaa

  12. @ mac - ganun talaga, kailangan may twist! hahaha!

    they didn't give me a look, and i really don't care, care bear. chorlat. :)

  13. Hahaha! Katakowt na experience. Happened to me once. Buti na lang sa Glorietta and i am grateful na for their paid lounge. Hihihi!

    Dyan kami lumafang (Mongkok) ni Friendship at Raki last week. :)

  14. bago ba layout mo sis?? hehehe..
    ikaw na!!! at feeling ko partner tayo sa mga ganitong eksena ng mga text ni mayor!! LOL

  15. hahahah! ilang beses ko na din na experiences yan..kaloka talaga..kaya pag upo ko sa trono matinding explosion talaga! hahaha

  16. @ms.chuni - hehe, yey, i thought ako lang ang nagkakaganyan sa mundong ibabaw. lol. sarap ng yang chow nila! winner no?

    @ceiboh - yup! binago ko layout ko para maiba naman ang aurabelles. kalurky kapag nagtetext si mayor no? walang pero pero, gusto punta kagad sa office niya! hahaha.

    @iya-khin - you had me at explosion mare! hahaha. :)

  17. ang lalalim ng mga self help books. LOL habang binabasa ako yung The Secret, nabore ako. :)

    Actually, kung alam mo yung The Daily Love, malaki ang naitulong sakin nun. hehehe, self help blog and email subscriptions sha.

    Ang lupit mo pla, puro mga leaders leaders books tinitira mo :)

  18. @Mr. Chan - haha! napanood mo na ung DVD ng The Secret?

  19. awww hirap nga... gamitan nalang ng LAW OF ATTRACTION hahaha!

    good thing u survived! :D

    and btw...
    namiss ko yang mongkok na yan :(


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