Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting to Know Leomer

Here's a partial list of some things you may want to know about me: 

1. I love to eat; except that I don't eat native chicken and goat
2. I was trained to eat whatever that comes up in the table; except those mentioned in #1
3. I love sardines and hotdog; I call them comfort food
4. 2 cups of rice for me please
5. Green-leafy vegetables are just awesome
6. I love condiments especially patis (fish sauce)
7. I most of the time crave for okra/talong dipped in bagoong (alamang/isda)
8. I prefer fish over pork, but it seldom happens
9. When it comes to desserts, I love vanilla ice cream or yogurt
10. I'm a coffee drinker
11. I eat pork isaw. Like 10 sticks in one session
12. I seldom drink beer, I prefer tequila, brandy, Tanduay Ice or red wine
13. I'm currently craving for tokwa't baboy
14. I love Karate Kid, Chef d' Angelo, Napoli's and Jolibee
15. I can't forget Planta Hotel's Asian Pork 
16. I've tasted dog meat
17. Weirdest thing I ate was adobong frog
18. Popcorn
19. Seafood pesto makes me happy
20. Meiji black chocolate lifts me up

1. I'm currently on a strong and long-term relationship
2. I consider to having serious relationships since 2005 only
3. Before 2005, I've been to numerous relationships
4. I had my first boyfriend in 2001. We lasted for a year and 6 months
5. I'm a sucker for romance
6. I had 3 serious relationship from 2005-2006; on these three, I'm the one in charge, and I'm the one who called it off. 
7. I only had one boyfriend older than me, refer to #4
8. I prefer younger guys back then
9. Nimmy and I lived together for 1 year and 8 months
10. I still have crushes, but I get to be turned-off easily
11. I still think of Mark Herras
12. Moreno is a plus
13. Bad-breath is hell
14. I don't like overly intellectual conversation, it gives me nosebleed and earbleed
15. I hope to get married soon with Nimmy

1. I used to dream of becoming a lawyer. I took up Political Science major in Public Administration in PUP Sta. Mesa. 
2. I was a President's Lister for 2 years. 
3. My GPA for the entire course is 1.63
4. I was a badminton varsity player of PUP for 4 semesters
5. I'm the 2nd Grandmaster of our college debate frat. I've joined two national debate contests
6. I joined rallies and the most memorable one was EDSA 2. 
7. I graduated Salutatorian in High School
8. I'm not a natural smart person; I'm just studious
9. I can't study on loud music
10. I think I'm better in speaking than writing
11. I'm a grade conscious person
12. I love libraries and the smell of old books
13. I hate math subjects
14. I almost failed the subject, Logic because of the movie Titanic. You know, cutting classes.
15. I've never figured out the significance of 4 semesters in ROTC.

1. I'm an optimist most of the time
2. If you don't like me, I don't like you too
3. I'm a forgiving person
4. I'm honest and transparent person
5. I get easily frustrated if I don't get to achieve small goals
6. I seldom shout on heated arguments
7. I walk out to clear my mind
8. I have small tolerance to arrogance
9. I'm an impulsive buyer
10. Leadership by example
11. I don't choose friends
12. I seldom lend money
13. Perky to some people
14. I can sense if someone is upset
15. I'm a combined type A&B person a.k.a. bipolar

1. I always have my game face on in the office; pretending to be busy
2. Stupid bosses deserves a flying kick
3. I seldom do overtime
4. I prefer an American boss than a Filipino
5. I genuinely love developing subordinates; I love seeing them promoted
6. For a time, I prefer salary over loyalty in the company
7. My best mentors were Barbie, Leah and Lavi
8. I have few closest friends in the office - Joanne, Joey, Debbie, Rose
9. My best supervisor was Jong
10. I miss my Bacolod QA team
11. My last two bosses were unforgettable
12. I enjoy deploying a project and transitions
13. I love excel, powerpoint and visio
14. On team buildings, no one sits beside me. They always want me to be alone, I think
15. I enjoy doodling while on a meeting

1. I love Batibot, Sesame Street, Dayuhan, Voltes V, Rainbow Brite, Smurf
2. My neighborhood friends call me Peebo, just to complete their Bioman line-up
3. I was the first kid in our street who learned how to ride a bike
4. My cousin and I made my friends believe that there's a cartoon series entitled, Super Lollipop
5. I used to join singing contests
6. I was bullied numerous times in school
7. I had my first crush at the age of 6, and yes, he's a boy
8. I write diaries with secret codes
9. I got slumbooks/slumnotes. My favorite part is the dedication page
10. I used to tiss my hair
11. I put foil paper on my teeth
12. I used to snack on Target corned beef, straight from the can
13. I'm an OFW kid who loves Toblerone
14. I tried to stow-away once with my cousin, it never occurred though
15. I've experienced being an altar boy


  1. Nice entry! :D Love reading posts like this, even if I dont actually know you all. hehe. :D

  2. nakangiti ako habang binabasa simula umpisa hanggang katapusan. weird na para saken yun. lol.

    you're a wonderful person. :)

  3. @Tago Fabic - thanks for reading! :) I just followed your blog. You got very awesome pictures! Very nice. :)

    @Supladong Office Boy - haha, super buwis-buhay tong post na 'to. thanks at hindi ka nagskip-read! lol

  4. We came from the same generation. Hehehe. Hindi kaya nagkabangga tayo sa Edsa Dos?

    Thank you for sharing with us the things about you.

  5. @Mugen - baka! i was there the night before ERAP stepped-down. :)i can still remember how festive that was.

    thanks too for taking the time to read. :)

  6. jusko andami naman leo! muntik na ko ma comatose!chos!

    at wow impressive, debate team...lufet!

  7. @mac - kulang pa nga eh, kaya nga partial. alam mo na, kapag matanda na talaga, marami na pwedeng isulat. haha.

  8. I always have my game face on in the office; pretending to be busy- ahahaha, gawain ko din yan.

  9. Wow! I like this. Thanks for sharing these wonderful things about you... :)

    I'm also a very forgiving person.. madalas, naabuso rin. Sad.. :(

    But unlike you, I think I'm better in writing that speaking. I have the stutter.. kakainis lang. Lels.

  10. @khantotantra - apir!

    @leah - no worries, minsan ko lang gagawin ang buwis-buhay na entry na to. haha. dapat lang talaga, forgiving tayo, pero we should never forget. ikaw gifted ka sa pagsusulat, ako trying hard madalas haha.

    thanks for reading!

  11. weee... so you are leo.. hahaha...

  12. why does everybody want you to be alone during teambuildings? ironic hahaha.

    super love this post, i got to know you better (from not knowing anything about you at all). :)

  13. @JC - im not sure why. naligo naman ako. natatakot ata sila sa kin. :) thanks for taking the time to read! :)

  14. ang kyut naman sis.. hehehe

    but then i wonder,, bakit iniiwan ka ng mga tao pag may team building?? anung meron?? hihi

  15. I always admire people who can list down as much as they know about themselves. :)

    Andami nating similarities ah! :) madami lng tau pinagkaiba s romance LOL

  16. @leo: pareho kami ni snobbish office boy.. in reading your post, naka-smile ako from start to finish.. :)

    super natawa ako here.. you really do love flying kicks, don't you?? :P --- "Stupid bosses deserves a flying kick"

    but for me, eto ang pinaka-benta.. wahahaha! :P --- I don't like overly intellectual conversation, it gives me nosebleed and earbleed
    oh, not to mention, brain bleed.. sama mo na rin kaya pati internal hemorrhages.. ahahaha! :P

    'twas a fun read.. :)

  17. :))
    I've always wanted to be part of a debate team. Too bad, I don't have the skill. haha

  18. I like this sana lahat ng bloggers na sinusundan ko gawin ito. Parang bonus na to know them more deeply.
    Gusto kong maging subordinates mo Leo.Pinagpala ang mga taong makakatrabaho ko.
    Sa tingin ko Pareho tayo dito.I prefer American boss than a Filipino or any nationality.

    Appreciate it.

  19. I mean makakatrabaho ka. (correction lang) baka iba ang maging meaning.

  20. oh gosh! natuwa ako sa mga comment niyo. promise. :)

    @ceiboh - di rin ako sure sis. baka naiintimidate sa aura ko. chorlat.

    @mr.chan- thank you naman! ano naman ang mga similarities natin? ayaw mo rin ng math subjects? lol

    @nate- uu, mahilig ako magflying kick. haha. at allergic talaga ako sa matalinong usapan. effort naman kasi mag-isip. i want peace of mind. haha.

    @Diamond R- ser, i'm humbled naman sa comment mo! thank you very much!

    iba kasi kapag American eh. mas mabilis ko makasundo, kesa sa Pilipino na maraming arteh sa buhay. haha. thanks for reading!


  21. @tantan - it's a nerve-wracking experience pero very rewarding, lalo na kapag napipili kang best debater or best speaker. it's not too late, you can be a member of Toastmaster club. :)

  22. andami kong kilala na ayaw sa native chicken at goat... malansa noh ? pero kinakain ko pa rin except isda kasi allergic ako ron hehehe

    and i love your personality! ramdam ko namang optimist ka and jolly!

    and natutuwa ako talaga sa inyo ni nimmy!!! <3 hehehe

  23. @Traveliztera - yeah! malansa siya. :(

    thanks for reading steph, i appreciate it much.

    keep singing ah!

  24. leo, feeling ko matagal na kitang kakilala after reading this :)

  25. If you don't like me, I don't like you too


  26. @Sean - hehe, thanks idol! i think ganun naman talaga ang objective ko... feeling celebrity lang. lol

    @bienvenido_lim - lol, thanks for reading. :)

  27. So, sino ka sa Voltes V? Ako si Mark, yung strong silent type na crush ni Jamie Robinson, lol.

  28. @Don Dee - ako si Jamie Robinson. haha. :)

  29. ngayon ko lang nabasa to. medyo busy last week. lol. (dumadahilan lang)

    at mukhang sa food lang ako

    sa food, magkatulad tayo sa 3,5,7,8,10,11 at 16.

    sa education.9

    sa attitude. 11

    yun lang e. lol.

  30. - nice to know we have something in common! :)


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