Thursday, June 30, 2011

Your Top 10 Semi-Finalists

I was anxious.


I feel droplets of sweat in my forehead. My palm is wet and I can feel my heart beating wildly.

First round of elimination was over. I was in.

Good thing, I share the same feeling with the fellow contestants. It was a tiring experience standing up, maintaining poise and to wait patiently for our names to be called for each round. All of us woke up early for this event. We prepared, however I prepared differently from them. I gave my all. I made sure my name will be remembered, one hundred years from now. And yes, that song from Brian Mcknight keeps on playing in the background.

In a few moments, they will call the top ten finalists. Only ten lucky ones will be part of this very prestigious contest. Not all can be lucky. Not all can share the stage.

Top ten... Keeps ringing on my head. There can only be TEN. What if I didn't make it? How will I move on? When all I know this is a once in a life-time adventure? Will I take another chance?

One by one, the names are called. 1, 2, 3, 4... 8,9 and...

The last person to be called, was the person in front of me. I stood aghast by the situation I'm in. 

Sure, I didn't make it... but wait...

Just when I thought it was over, when I was on a suspension by this thrilling experience, I saw hope.

My faith was indeed strong. For when I thought the fight was over, pulling slowly over the side was this thing that made my eyes grow big.
Good thing this ride can accommodate 16. 


I thank you.


  1. Mwahahaha! Love the twist ending.

    captcha: oventime

  2. papa leo, problema ko din yan. and i feel extra special kapag sa gilid ako makakaupo. choz!

  3. Hahaha! Futakels.... muntik ng malaglag ang crown ko. Pasok na pasok ka!!!


  4. @nox - mas gusto ko sa harapan umupo, katabi ng driver. na-aamaze kasi ako sa mga marunong magdrive ng manual na vehicle. :)

    @ms. chuni - hahaha, ikaw lang ang nag-iisang beauty queen!

    @sean - hahaha, inspired by you 'tong post na to, pero siempre, ikaw lang ang nakakagawa ng mga entries na bonggang bongga! thanks idol! :)


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