Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thanks 6/26

Thanks for the enduring love
The enduring faith
The persistent hope
And all that comes in between

Thanks for the sorrow
Thanks for the sadness
The setback I despise
Made me all realize

Thanks for the misery
Thanks for the worries
Those and all
Made me just stronger

Thanks for isolation
Thanks for the tears
Thanks for the sacrifice
That made me break apart

Thanks for the love
Thanks for its endurance
I can now stand up
And face my upheaval 

I thank you Thee
For the patience instilled
That in my despair
You are with me 

In my confusion
I'll trust you oh Lord
With all these 
I know it'll soon be over


  1. Hang in there Leo. This too shall pass, soon. Your faith will sustain you.

  2. thanks a lot for those kind words, i appreciate it a lot. God bless!


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