Monday, June 13, 2011

Thanks 6/13

For the friends that reached out
On my loneliest days
For the people that showed concern
When I was on my weakest

For challenges I have
When I dream of something
For the sacrifices I endure
To reach my goal

For the books I've encountered
When I seek knowledge
For the Holy Spirit I ask
When I need wisdom

For Nimmy's unconditional love
When I need support
For my family's silent care
When I'm vulnerable

For the simple words
When I want understanding
For the prolific mind of others
To show God's given talent

For the angels I call
When I drive to somewhere
For the opportunity given
To feel's God's blessings

For the internet I use
When I occupy my head
For the network I've gained
To provide some help

For the health of my family
In times of being broke
For the safety of all
To fulfill God's destiny

For the time to give gratitude
Is a blessing indeed
From the bottom of my heart
I give thanks to THEE

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