Thursday, June 9, 2011

Educate Thy Kids

After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad few weeks ago, I never thought that it will have such a GREAT impact in my thinking. Robert Kiyosaki had really made his point come across by his examples and anecdotes. The book revolves around financial education and how it can solve financial struggles of his fellow Americans. 

While most of the folks think that getting a college degree, getting a job and earning helps alleviate their economic status, Robert through his "rich dad" taught him a very valuable lesson better than what most people get from universities. I love how Robert explained the rat race, and how most of the people are trapped on it. 

The book really did inspire me through the tough times I am in right now. 

If only I have read this book prior to me getting my first job in 2001, I know that my life right now could be far more different. Coming from a family that is not that financially educated, I got trapped. There is this undying clamor to get out of it, for the view is not enticing. Despite of it all, I can say, I am blessed, because my parents started off with some small investments. What an eldest son got left to do, is to ensure that this sleeping assets are woken up to work for us. 

Is it too late then? I contemplated a lot on this new dogma. At first, I was astonished by the  pragmatism of the approach, and realized, this could have been very simple. I felt, that the things I learned from it are realistic, and can be applied at this very moment. So to answer the question, I think it is definitely not too late. The best time to start is now, now and now. 

The Philippines is one country with plethora of resources and my idea is that if all youth, the kids, are taught to be entrepreneurs, these resources could have been used to help alleviate the sad plight of our economy. If we can cultivate the minds of the younger generation in aiding them to be more financially adept, we could have lessen the number of students taking up Nursing. 

I'm no parent, but if ever given the chance, I want my kids to be raised with a mindset to save, invest and buy properties with values that don't depreciate. 

The best is yet to come and I certainly hang on to that cliche. Aside from hoping, I'm starting off studying and learning the rudiments that I need to learn... For sure, it's going to be rough ride, but being experienced as I am, there's no boulder I cannot crush. 

There's really hope with God. 

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