Thursday, April 22, 2010

Planning our Fourth

Nimmy and I are still thinking of how we'll celebrate our fourth year anniversary. We thought of doing this and that, but nothing is final yet. We would like your suggestions. Currently, we thought of: 

1. Puerto Galera
2. Vice Ganda Concert
3. Baguio (although Nimmy doesn't like this idea at all)
5. Stay at Home
6. Spa in Tagaytay

Your thoughts? 


  1. try mo sa dumagueta ba yun, yung apo island..ganda dun at may privacy kayo..

    just bring tent..hehhe..nice people there

    or in bohol..

  2. i think Nimmy will enjoy the Vice Ganda concert :)

  3. I disagree with Soltero - Vice Ganda concert is not romantic at all haha - I think beach day will be cool tapos lunurin mo si Nimmy lol..seriously, I'll go for a beach date ;-)


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