Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Sweet Stalker

It was kinda normal day for us last Friday. I woke up at around 3pm as Nimmy arrived home from work. That doesn't stop me from lurking in our bed and press a pillow behind my thighs. Then suddenly, "Mahal, punta tayo SM, bili ako ng cellphone jacket." That was me, spontaneously asking my Mahal if he would like to accompany me. Of course, I would have to tell him what's in it for him. "Dinner tayo mahal... then magpicture picture ka," I told him. 

Off we go to SM and I saw mahal taking picture of almost anything he sees. I even had a picture taken with a saleslady. So crazy.

These two looks like I'm being followed by a paparazzi. 

My mahal really knows how to boost my ego sometimes. LOL. But to tell you honestly, I enjoy the current hobby of Nimmy. Instantly I'm a model/subject in his camera. But just to add, he's getting better and better. Now at least I know that if the BPO industry starts to have its waterloo here in the country, we got something to fall back into.

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