Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nimmy Nim Nim, Nim Nim Nim

Few more weeks, it's going to be our 4th year Anniversary. 

Over the years, I can only recall happiness and joy being with my partner. I know that there will be rough times, but 
it's overcompensated by the love we have for each other. 

Over the years, I am blessed to have someone to be part of my existence and growth. As a person, you know that you are already whole, but to complement you with someone that can make your life as colorful as it can get, it triples the effect. 

I've been through a plethora of relationships and I can say that I have experienced almost all of the type of guys everyone can think of. It made me a strong person, mature and wise. 

Nimmy is young and I believe that he shouldn't experience what I've gone through. I owe it to him that I be the best partner for him. He deserves to be nurtured and I realized that he's the reason for my existence. 

No words of endearment can contain what I have for this guy from Bulacan. 

For the coming years, I know that we will transcend to another chapter bringing on some challenges in our lives. However, one thing I am sure of,  we're blessed to have found one another. A living testament that amidst the crazy world we are into, true love can still exist. 

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