Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Choosy Game Wednesday (CGW)

The concept is just like the "Would You Rather..." game which is popular amongst teens and what not. I got this from a friend and thanks for sharing this game. So here is the question and please answer with utmost sincerity, if you have one. LOL

If you are to live again after dying and you will be reincarnated to a person so popular and rich- would you like to live the life of Ellen De Generes or Ricky Reyes? 

Again, you only have two choices. Best answer gets an applause and compliment from me. 


  1. ellen ftw..... siempre nasubukan ko na maging bakla.... try naman natin maging tomboy hahahahaha

  2. Ellen! I love to be a blonditang rich. :)


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