Monday, August 29, 2011

Friendship Gratitude - Michael

Romeo, Michael, Me and Jonet. MOA, December 2010
I don’t like the feeling of being in a cross-road. I mean, who would? It’s like your torn, helpless and you don’t feel like striding on the road. My initial choice is to go immobile and just anticipate for something that I don’t know either. It’s a faith thing, but then again for growth to emancipate, one should learn how to move forward and make choices, that some are not easy.

This time around, I’d like to write about the people in my life that have been a constant well of energy for yours truly. They are the people who have never left my side. They are the ones that relentlessly believed in me. They never left me whatever condition I’m in. They are the people I call my soul mates. The people that gives you that energy to move on. 

I want to give tribute for their undying attention, concern, love and care. I’d like to keep a journal of how they made me experience when I’m downhill and when I’m on the prime of my life. They provide immensely different perspectives and valuable advices. 

I want this activity to serve as a reminder to myself that I'm blessed and I have people that rallies me up. 

The first on my list is my best friend Michael.

My BFF Michael
Michael and I were classmates from second year high school. I know right then and there that he’s a PLU. In spite of being one, he was the shy-type which I mistakenly took as a snob. Instinct told me that he’s going to be a friend so I never tried hard to strike a conversation.

Before graduating high school, Michael has been a great confidant. He knows most of my secrets and he has been the ever loyal and faithful ally.

During college, despite the lack of means of communication, Michael never failed to visit me at home. We just talk about things and how he’s coping up with his relationships and other shitty things about his exes.

Oh boy, we laughed at almost anything! No one can deny that we're jologs by heart. He’s such a joy to be with. 

It’s been more than 16 years and this fellow of mine never changed. We see each other from time to time and he’s the same loyal, understanding and faithful friend. 

Michael, I seldom say this to you, but I’d like to thank you for keeping me company during the times I’m so down and low. You are also there in my successes and you’ve always cheered me. If there’s someone that epitomizes the word friendship, it’s you. You help me realize things and you always keep my feet on the ground. I can say everything to you without editing. You just listen to me and give me sound advice.

Should the time come that I need to return the favor, just ask. I’m here for you my friend, no matter what. My deepest gratitude for the inspiration, love, concern, understanding and care. 

God indeed blessed me with your friendship! 


  1. hahha yun o orange nga naman.. chong punta ka sa bahay ko may banner ka dun.. hehehe

  2. @kikomaxxx - saw it! i just can't figure out how will i place it here in my blog. ill find a way. :)

    thanks a lot!

  3. hay naku sana may mag feature din sa akin ng ganyan!LOL

    inggitera talaga ko hahaha

  4. @Mac Callister - hahaha! sabihin mo sa best friend mo na mag-blog din siya. lol

    thanks for reading! :) i appreciate it.

  5. cheers to our friends. what will we be without them

  6. Kakatouch naman to. Sana mabasa nya to para maaliw sya. Mwah!

  7. @Sean - I agree. life is bland without good good friends.

    @K - uu nga! im sure maha-happy siya. :)

  8. both of you are lucky to have each other.


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