Friday, July 15, 2011

The Scrapbook

On our second month together - 5 years ago, Nimmy gave me this very personalized card. To my surprise, it was some sort of a mixed-media journal, a scrapbook. 

Front Page


Looking back from our very humble beginnings as partners, I can't help but be proud of what we have become now. You see, when you've come from numerous failed relationships, you can really feel how blessed you are when you find someone who can really catch you, through thick and thin, through sickness or in health and so on. 

Let me tell you a story. 

When I was kid, I used to draw. I'm no hardcore artist, but I'm a master of tracing. Tracing is easy. You just need a piece of bond paper, put it above a picture from comics or any book, and trace it using a pencil. I started that way, until I tried sketching faces. 

If you remember Justin from Queer as Folk, he's a teenager who fell in love with Brian. He's an artist and he sketches pictures of, well, what else, men. Imagine me as Justin. Justin who lived during a time when internet was not a fad, have to find ways to stimulate his eyes. Mine was a far-cry Hentai, but I love to draw faces of men. And yes, I drew a face of someone I will fall in love with. Albeit, I never saved any copies of my drawings. 

During that time, I already know that I will meet someone I will fall in love with. I'm a sucker for romance. I love to fall in love - hence I've cultivated a need for me to be in relationships. 

Being a prayerful person, I've asked Him, to give me a person that will fall for me in unison. 

Although I felt it was not right to fall for the same guy, I felt however that love comes from Him and it needs to be shared. I never stopped loving and it became my hobby. 

When Nimmy was brought in to my life, I am 100% sure that he's a blessing. 

He's like a soulmate. Everything just falls into place. 

When I dreamt that someone will give me flowers, Nimmy on my first month gave me a dozen of red roses. When I wished for someone to give me love letters, I got a scrapbook on our second month. 

Now I stopped asking those cheesy things from the movies. Because I was really blessed to have found one true love. Each day, you wake up knowing that there's this person who loves you truly. That this person doesn't need to do much effort. Because his presence -  his life, have become your life too. 

Never a day when we fail to have our "i love you" exchanges. We never get tired of saying that for 5 years and 2 months of being together. 

We never stop smiling at each other
We never stop laughing
We never stop caring
We never stop showing concern
We never stop fighting until we go back and say I love you
We never stop giving
And most of all
We never stop praying together

Our relationship has been through leaps and bounds, and to tell you honestly, if I'm asked what's our greatest fight or roadblock, I really can't remember. I think our biggest secret is that we move forward so quickly. We're good pairs for a racing team. 

To end this entry, I think the biggest lesson I have for love is that you never stop dreaming and wanting that special someone. Your soulmate is out there, you'll never know. Also, keeping in a relationship is a conscious effort. 

Laugh and enjoy together. That's the ultimate secret. 


  1. Hangsweet! Paksal na na yata!

  2. asteeg yung labstory nio. pede na isapelikula. mabait kayong pareho kaya bagay kayo.

    nakakatuwa (iba sa nakakatawa) na ipinagdasal mo sa Taas na ibigay sa iyo ang iibigin mo kahit ito ay katulad mong may espada. espadahan daw tawag dun eh. lol piz naman. nagpapatawa lang. masyado kaseng madrama yung sulat mo. sa tingin ko e naiyak ka pa habang itinatyp mo ito.

    hanga ako sa inyong dalawa.

  3. @EngrMoks - marami ng bansa legal ang same sex, kaya may balak kami umalis ng bansa at mamuhay ng mag-asawa na talaga. :) thanks sa comment sir! - mas mabait si Nim, at ako, sweet lang. haha. and true, pinagdasal talaga namin, para pangmatagalan.

    natawa ako sa espada comment mo ah! tingin mo sa amin, zoro kami? ganun?! hahaha! di naman ako naiyak. si nim ung iyakin sa amin. malamang iiyak un kapag nabasa to... :)

    thanks papsi jowel.

  4. this is so nice! idol ko kayong dalawa ni nimmy. hehe. God bless you more and more! :D

  5. thanks JC! :) God Bless din sa inyong dalawa ni papsi Mugen. :)

  6. So happy for you two. Kulang na lang nga ng kasal! :)

  7. salamat will! :) honga eh! darating din kami jan for sure. :)

  8. awwww. this is so sweet. fur cher kinikilig si inday nimmy.

  9. mang inggit na naman!!! kidding!!!!

    ang sweet ng scrapbook hehehe. im happy for both of you. and I love this post!

  10. kelan kaya ako makakatanggap ng ganito? agree ako sa mga sinabi mo tungkol sa success ng relationship. all the best for you and nimmy. forever na yan! :)

  11. Nice Story.Siksik liglig at umaapaw.

  12. nakakakilig naman!! :)

    aww. sana magtagal din ang relationships ko kagaya ng sa inyo ni Nims.

    stay in love!

  13. @bienvenido_lim - yeah, kinilig daw siya. hehe. :)

    @mac - di naman! i just wanna share the experience. hehe. thanks for liking this post! :)

    @aris - makakatanggap ka rin niyan. :)

    @Diamond R - thanks sir!

    @the green breaker - magtatagal din yan. :)

  14. weeeee.... ang sweet lang naman.. hehehe


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