Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thanks 6/18

Thanks for a wonderful week...
For the chance to praise You
A chance to serve 
A chance to prove myself that I can be worthy

It has been tough and challenging months
But to this day, I can start to see
The unraveling mystery
And appreciate the obscure fact

Lord, I thank You for the health
Of my family and myself
I thank you for the safety 
You bestowed upon me endlessly

Thanks for the strong relationship
For being loved and to love in return
For fruitful years together
I am truly blessed

Thanks for the Thursday and Friday
And in advance I thank you for Monday
For I know these are the days
I felt most Your presence

With faith Lord I know
That in due time, I'll give more
Gratitude and love
I offer to you oh Lord

Lord thanks for the people
Without them knowing I learn
Through them I see 
How beautiful LIFE can be


  1. There are just so much things to thank Him for. It's good to know that you are welling with positivity now. I knew that you can get past this.

    Smile. :)

  2. @the green breaker - strong faith can really bring wonders. :) thanks!

  3. sir Leo, we both have this in common. how we hold tighter to our faith. so many things to be thankful for, right? see you next time. :D

  4. @mscq - right on point, doc. :) see you soon again.

  5. your recent posts have been very inspiring, leo. i also hope that everything is ok :) i'm one of the weaker ones, esp. when i'm at my lows. but in spite of that, He still made His presence felt to me.

  6. @sean - i'm currently at my lows but i know it'll be over soon. i'm just thankful that for every single day, there are blessings from Him.


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