Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pre-Monthly Business Review

So we're supposed to have a dry-run midnight, Manila time. Due to unforeseen circumstances and lack of better planning and management - it was moved to 2am. Pero hindi pa rin, nag-start ng 2:30am. These are the instances where I can sense that it's really getting ugly here. Define time management please.

I was the first to present my numbers and read out my team's opportunities and action plans. Applause. There are few minor revisions and adding more of details to the story for last month. Kaboom lang. It appears pa rin naman that I've prepared. Kahit hindi to be honest.

Now my co-managers have to present their numbers, and everyone should give out feedback. By the way, we are five managers all in all with the Director inside the board room.

My turn to give feedback. "I got nothing to add, I just don't felt the significance of the report. It's a new project and I've felt there's no hype involved." Napatigil ako panumandali. Geese. I think I've said something that made my co-manager sit on hot water. Director made a comment to the group,"That's the most sensible point I've heard so far."

Award si lolo mo. Ang galing ko talaga. (yuck) Yun nga lang, at the expense of my co-manager. Pero sabi nga, you need to learn to give honest feedback. You owe it to your team mates. Good thing it was accepted maturely.

Di naman sa nagyayabang, but it really feels good when you are APPRECIATED.

Ikaw, when was the last time you appreciated your co-workers?


  1. sana nababasa ito ng mga katrabaho ko, kuya leo


  2. yung officemate mo, need nun mauntog nang bonggang bongga, AD. don't mingle with folks like that. Sabi nga, how can you fly high, if you are working with turkeys? go na, look for greener pasture. :)

  3. Honesty and appreciation. two things i learned from you today. thanks

  4. we need to be direct when the situation calls for it. sugar-coating could make things unclear.

    i am one guy who appreciates even the smallest things that people say or do. and it does wonders! like small miracles. =)


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