Monday, July 5, 2010

Blog-hopping Day

After reading a lot of blogs today, I realized that I'm just killing time and being bored is so underrated. I've enjoyed one blog and I'm beginning to be a fan. He's so funny and when he writes, it's as if he's just doing a plain conversation to his friend. Very candid and humorous.

There's another blog which tested my profound thinking. Another one caught my carnal instincts.

Albeit my being work unproductive, I feel that my cyberslacking is teaching me the patience of reading and learning from other people's experiences.

Thanks bloggers for keeping me company.


  1. Thank you, too, for inspiring us with your love story ala Taylor Swift. :)

  2. Thanks. Hahaha. Assuming.


    Hugs to you and Nimmy.

  3. @carrie - it's my pleasure. :)
    @ex-jason- mabuhey! :)
    @guyrony and AD - hugs to you both!

  4. There's another blog which tested my profound thinking -

    ang lakas ng kutob ko, blog ko ang mine mention dito...bwahahahahhahahahahaha :P

  5. I am a blog-hopper myself what with the 100++ subscriptions I have in my Google Reader. Would be nice if you guys can share those blog you enjoy reading so I can add em up there in Google Reader, too (like yours and your Nimmy). Thanks!


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