Monday, April 26, 2010

Vegetable Bread for Dinner

We have discovered last month this type of bread from Goldilocks. It's called Vegetable bread. From the looks of it, you can see fiber of shredded raisins and red bell pepper. I thought at first that this one is nasty. But I was wrong. It's scrumptious. We bought a loaf previously but during that time, we were still hooked in gaining weight and that "rice and ulam" is what we crave for. It's the other way around now, and we found refuge in this miracle bread - Vegetable bread from Goldilocks. Goldilocks - you're the 1. 

Best wishes for our weight loss program. 


  1. magkano isang loaf? hala! parang oks yan! shet! parang papayat ako diyan! hahahah!

  2. How does it taste like? Raisins and bell pepper? Hmmm.


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