Friday, April 9, 2010

Missing the Court

I can't even remember the last time I held my badminton racket.

As there are many things going on with my life, I can't even dwell in to thinking how I may be able to squeeze some time for this hobby of mine. It's nice to have a very supportive partner. Nimmy plays with me all the time. I have influenced him into this sports and it's nice that he gets to love the sports that I endear so much. 

I just hope that this crazy life I am into now will soon turn to normal. There are times that you feel out of control and that your only refuge is just to let go, or fight and take control. Just like badminton. You either let your opponent smash the shuttlecock and just turn immobile, or you work on your defenses and mitigate a score. 

I miss badminton. Hope to play soon. 


  1. I agree mahal.. We should start playing again soon. Wasak wasak kasi schedule mo eh. :P

  2. huhu..ung neighbor ko na subject sa isa kong post...the guy who called me demonyito..he is an excellent badminton player...he wins tourneys...ayan na alala ko sya bwahaha :)

  3. @mahal - hug na lang tayo

    @soltero - :) i read one of your articles about that guy. hehe. play ka na rin badminton then afterwards, bedminton naman. haha. :)


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