Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Learning Life Together

As the cliche goes, "Time flies when you are having fun." More than 6 months from the first time we settled here in Pasig, I can still feel the jitters of me thinking about the idea that finally, I've moved out. 

Sweat trickles in my forehead as me, dad and mom unpack my boxes. 

Living outside the comfort of your homes has it's advantages and disadvantages.  What really propelled me though to move out is for me to have that sense of independence. I am not really getting any younger and I thought, I need to have my own place and my own privacy, where having my own room is not anymore sufficient. 

As mom sweeps the floor and dad unpacking my AC, I felt sad. I've been with my parents for 29 years and then without sufficient notice, here we are in my apartment, bidding "farewell, and see you every weekend ma and pa." 

And they know that I will be living in together with Nimmy. There were no formal announcement to both parties whatsoever.  I think that's the advantage of same sex relationship.  We pose as buddies, yet they didn't know, we're a couple. Initially I felt concern for Nimmy as I know that being the youngest, it will be tough for his parents to allow him to move out.  Good thing, his parents are supportive as well. 

Few months, our challenges are not extraordinary to new couples like us.  We battle out on who to do a simple chore.  We budget our expenses and it's a joy doing groceries together. 

After 6+ months, I can confidently say that we can do this for the rest of our lives.  Our relationship continues to unfold and I can't wait for it's pleasant surprises or anything it has to offer. 

One thing is for sure and I know Nimmy won't disagree - we learned a lot, and we are learning it together. 

Our first Christmas together in our new apartment.  (December 09)


  1. i'll love you forever and a day mahal. mwah!

  2. haha.ako rin! gusto ko na bumukod--mag-isa. hahahaha! :)

  3. kilig to the max naman ako. hahah

  4. thanks guys! @caloy-what's stopping you? go na. saya ng independent. :)

  5. i enjoy reading your blog! very witty and profound. :D, what you and your nimmy have truly defines "love" unconditionally.. i hope we get to exchange ideas soon! :D

    ill keep reading.. :D

  6. I'm so happy for you Leo. I know it's not that easy to live away from home - been there, done that. But it's nice to feel and do adult kind of things, right? It gives you a sense of fulfillment. And yes, doing the groceries is also the highlight of my week. Miss you!

  7. Wow. Christmas with your one and only. It must have brought a unique sense of happiness :)

  8. naiiyak ako... hindi pa dumadating yung para saken... =(


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