Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dreaming About Having My Ride

Indeed, it's now a necessity to have your own ride. Its paramount as you develop and broaden your horizon - which entails you moving from one place to another and the demand for transportation is inevitable. Living in the Philippines has taught you in a way to be lethargic as there are a plethora of ways to transport. Needless to say that on the other hand, having your own car is a status symbol. It is an indication of wealth, asset and property. For me, it's both - it is needed and at the same time, it tells something about your financial status. 

Let me present to you my dream car. It's a pick-up and I have a thing for a masculine car. I call it masculine as pick-ups are associated to big boys. 

I have always dreamed of having this car. It has presented advantages and at the same time disadvantages. The next car I want if ever I don't get my Strada will be Ford Focus: 

My partner and I have talked about my car and just to let you know, we had a lot of discussions circling around as to how we can afford it. Great that it has been sorted out and hopefully, I can post in here a picture of a car, with us inside it and me driving. Super awesome.

Hey buddy,  if  you happen to have your wheels, please drive safely.


  1. Love the Ford Focus! Though I always preferred the Everest than the Focus. Hope you get your dream car soon! :)

  2. we'll have a car Rei, ung pasok sa budget.

    dba mahal? :)

  3. Eto ang problema ko: kelangan ko muna ng magmamahal sa akin. Saka ako bibili ng kotse. Syempre at his expense. Dapat mayaman ang papi. Hahaha! Gold digging pala ang iniisip ko.

  4. Hahaha.. Nice one tita Carrie. Makakahanap ka nyan. Gwapo ka naman eh. :)


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